Getting My Mojo Back

Welcome back to the 2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle. You came here from Kristi, make sure to continue to Stephanie when you have read my blog post.

I lost my mojo for a while. Got stuck on february and didn’t like what it looked like. Everytime I tried to scrap or edit photos (and I have a NEW camera that takes awesome photos) I just sat played Candy Crush and similar games.

Then I decided to follow FLYLady’s advice:

You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up;
I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

The important thing here is that when I started to be behind, the feeling of stress and ”not-good-enough” just grew over my head. Scrapping is supposed to be FUN! Scrapping is supposed to make you FEEL GOOD! There is no such thing as ”being behind”, yes, there are gaps, but so what. I can fill the blanks if I want to, or not. I choose to jump in were I am. Now I have scrapped three of the bigger events this month and have organized the rest. No journaling yet, but that’s ok.

Jennifer of the Simple Scrapper says:

It’s not so much letting go of the feeling behind that is necessary, but changing your definition of caught up.

I think this is essential. What is really to be caught up? Jennifer also says in her great article ”How to Stop Feeling Behind.”:

What is the simplest project that will satisfy this need?

It’s a hard one for me, I have an elaborate plan for our last summer holiday album. My DH told me I planned it too big. I might give him right there… it’s hard to admit though.

In another article Jennifer talks about different solution on how to let go of this feeling of being behind. One of the solutions is finding short cuts. A collage page with my favourite photos of the months could be one. Skip the journalling maybe or just write three words. I am considering this right now.

When I joined this blog circle my first post was about simplifying my Project Life and it has mainly worked well. I did restrict myself more than that though, in my mind I somehow limited myself to maximum 2 double layouts a month. This locked me in and made it hard when I had many events and/or photos. No more of that. I scrap as many/few layouts as I want to. Now with much further ado I present you my pages. No journaling yet as I wrote above and I have blurred some photos out of respect for my friends.


One Saturday in April we were both busy. My husband’s Saturday (on the left) consisted of a Whisky and Beer Convention. He had a lot of fun and tasted some good stuff. I went to a friend’s home, seing their house and meet her kids for the first time (we lost touch for a while). I had a lovely day with her and her family. I even got some elderberry cuttings with me home.


For the Easter weekend my Mother-In-Law came for a visit. My DH worked most of the weekend though. My MIL and I had fun going shopping and preparing for Easter dinner on Easter Saturday and on Easter Sunday we went to church, had lunch out – lovely Shish Kebab – went for a lovely view, visited my DH’s job (brought him an Easter Egg i.e the Kinder Egg). Walked in the woods and enjoyed the Wood Anemones and the Lesser Celandines. When we came home we continued to enjoy our unusually warm Spring weather with some coffee in our garden. A busy day I say.

Wow, by telling about the layouts I have created the journaling, I just need to translate it to Swedish and let my husband tell some words about his Convention.

Will add credits when I come home to my computer.

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Scrapping non-personal events

Welcome to the third installment of the 2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle, you should have arrived here from Kristi’s blog, when you’ve finished reading my post please do hop on to Stephanie’s blog next. Don’t forget to have a look at the Photoshop tip I have for you at the end of the post.

This month we have been ill on and off in a stubborn cold/flu. I have been tired and have had less energy. I haven’t had energy enough to scrap the main monthly spread yet and have decided to share my extra spread which mainly is about the Winter Olympics and the other big February in Sweden – the beginning of Melodifestivalen (the National Eurovision Song Contest).

With no further ado I present you the pages:


As you can se, the pages are quite word-heavy. The top three cards tells about the Melodifestivalen – the results so far and our respectively favorites. The circle card with the Melodifestivalen logo is made from a logo found online and a template from one of my favorite template designers – Designs by lili.

The card next to it tells about our mixed feelings towards Melodifestivalen, thinking that the entries is generally of lower quality every year and still we are watching. It is fun though as relaxation and we also do grade the entries.

The black and white photo commemorates the death of one of the loveliest voices of the 20th century, Alice Babs. You can listen to her with Duke Ellington here.

The card on the bottom right is about some of our memories of the Winter Olympics this year. We were ill and had the chance to watch both the Men’s and the Women’s Cross Country Relay where our teams took Sweden’s two gold medals.  Also very memorable was T J Oshies remarkable coolness when he almost single handedly won the hockey shootout against Russia.


Credits: Templates by Lori Whitlock, I have altered it a bit. Circle Card template by Lili Niclass. The text cards, sadly not sold anymore by Nettio Designs. The background paper consists of two, with the purple on top with reduced opacity. Purple – from Connie Prince – Dazzled Kit from the february Digi Files.  Behind is a wooden one, not so visible by Eliza Hubbard Studios that was a part of The Daily Digi My Life of Celebration Kit. 

This second page is a print screen from one of our newspapers just telling about all our 15 medals (yes, I am a little proud of them)  and images of all our medalists. I did alter the color on the newspaper background a bit.

I had fun making these pages. I want to leave you with an awesome way to enlarge to small images for your pockets in Photoshop without much loss. You do need to have an image that is not pixeled and in fairly good quality and then use a technique described here by Donny Claxton.  Scroll down to the part about Photoshop. It is quite revolutionary and created by Scott Kelby who has written excellent books about Photoshop, so easy and understandable.

Please do not forget to hop on to Stephanie’s great blog!

On the path to simplifying – and a freebie!

Welcome back to the next round of the 2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle. When you have read my blog post and maybe snagged the freebie, please continue to Stephanie at Bee Tree Studios for the next blog in the circle. Last month I tried to analyze how you can make minimalistic pocket scrapbooking pages. As we discussed then, Isa’s principles gives a good starting point. My own goals boiled down to, bear with me while I repeat:

  • Use white frames around elements
  • Use the circle as a repetition
  • Just few colors
  • Keep journalling simple
  • Make cards that repeats through the layout
  • When using more ”fancy” papers and elements. Frame them with white and circles!

I had a real struggle in the beginning to find my own style in this. As a starting point I went through my entire (huge!) stash to find papers, journalling cards, card templates, brushes, pocket layout templates etc that I liked. I choose mainly muted colours, solids or simple patterns, cards and templates that was minimalistic in it’s style. I copied those and put them in one folder (with subfolders for paper, cards etc) named Basic Stash for 2014. If any of them was not named with designer and kit name I changed the name, making sure I still could keep track of proper credits. This has worked really well, I don’t spend as much time searching for stash to use anymore. I do search through it all some times but not as much.

What I did realize looking through my stash was that I was lacking pocket templates that worked for my new style, after a lot of research I decided on Lori Whitlock’s Life Templates, the square version. I started out with these:


I love it! And it’s easy to adapt if you need to. I will surely get more of these.

I have used white frames, circles and just a few colours. That has worked really well. What I do find challenging even after choosing to simplify it is the journalling. I get stuck all the time.

This month I have ”only” made one double layout, project life style, and that’s ok, we didn’t take so much photos, but I am very happy about how it looks. As you can see I did use the Nettio Designs Card Templates I talked about in my last post. After finding the font for the big letters I have started to adapt them for months and in Swedish. Works awesome.

1-LW-Life-Templates-SQ-set-2-1alt-b blur2-LW-Life-Templates-SQ-set-2-1alt-b

(Credits – Card Templates: Triangle Month Card – Simple Scrapper, Card Templates by lili (circle and 3×4 divided), nettio designs – Life Captured: Bits & Bytes (altered). Papers: Shannon Mc Nab (Scotty Girl Design) – Destination Adventure,3 Paper Peonies – Happiness. Template: Lori Whitlock – Life Templates SQ Set 2 (altered). Fonts: Georgia, Century Gothic & Nexa Bold.)

I’ve tried to do a plan for my scrapping related things for this year with the help of Simple Scrapper’s Start Fresh and Traci Reeds PL-organizer. I did have to re-plan after a while though. I found this by Kaye Wienecki:

I just knew I had to make something similar about Swedish things. In collaboration with a Swedish Project Life group on Facebook, the lovely bunch in there gave me ideas for Typically Swedish things. I have had a lot of fun designing cards and here is the first batch I made.




This kit is obviously geared towards you who has any kind of Swedish connection. Right now all text is in Swedish, but if anyone is interested I am happy to add English text. I might make more cards later on.

You can download it here.

Don’t forget to click on to Stephanie and read her blogpost!

It’s a new year with new goals.

Welcome 2014 and welcome you who has found this blog. You probably came here from allerliebstanika, hope you checked out ger great photoshop scripts) if you are following the 2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle. In the end of this blog post you will find the next participant of this circle.

All of us in this blog circle are part of the same Facebook group, it’s a group focusing on digital Project Life, and the members of the group is a really supportive bunch. Some are quite new to Project Life or Pocket Scrapbooking, some are new to doing it digital or hybrid. I have been a digital scrapper for years but accomplishes too few layouts during a year. Last year I tried a weekly PL approach, it didn’t work for me. This year I will try a monthly/event based approach. I hope this will be better for me.

I’m trying to decide what my style will be this year, I know I will need to simplify a lot. Personally my eyes are drawn to the clean, minimalistic look analyzed here by Isa. Look at the image for her conclusions.


I love the minimalistic approach of Tickled Yellow:


And that of Analog Paper’s:


These are both hybrid scrappers. It’s a dilemma for me, I love the transparent feel between the images but think that doing actual pocket albums will be to bulky for me. My plan is to print in a book. I am trying to figure out wether to have white space between images or maybe this woodsy feel. Maybe using different or the same wood paper?

Another example from Analog Paper is this one, it’s the other layout of the same spread:


Here are some more examples of what I like:

334d8ff09b6a86c3a9dd5776542887c1 nettiodesigns_lifecaptured_bb_preview_1400

This template above is made by Nettio Designs, I thought I had missed it since she is not going to design anymore. It was still there on the 1st of January, so I snagged it. It is simple enough, but I do not know how much I can change easily into Swedish. I might just use some of the cards.


I am sure that I want to be more photo orientated vs journal orientated. Above is a great example of that by The Idea Room.


Stephanie Bryan has made a great example of the white frames around objects as seen above.

Below is one of my absolute favourite PL layouts from Big City Quiet, it has almost all of Isas criteria: Alignment of the elements, white frames around the elements, similar cards, and few colors. BTW, if you love the striped cards in this layout, download them here.


Now it is time to sum this up,to make the clean look I want to achieve, I will try to:

  • Use white frames around elements
  • Use the circle as a repetition
  • Just few colors
  • Keep journalling simple
  • Make cards that repeats through the layout
  • When using more ”fancy” papers and elements. Frame them with white and circles!

I still wonder how I can achieve this ‘airy’ feel from the plastic pockets. I’m not sure it’s about using digital plastic pocket templates. Any input on this is greatly appreciated.

To continue following this blog circle go to: Cassandra of Crouching Toddler, Hidden Baby.

Lina Sofia Lundin – Färgningsmanifest

För ett tag sedan var jag på examensutställning på HDK! Strosade omkring, njöt och inspirerades.

I några poster ska jag dela med mig av några favoriter. Den första är Lina Sofia Lundin vars Färgningsmanifest tar tag i mig och väcker en gammal längtan. För flera år sedan upptäckte jag India Flints naturliga förhållningssätt till färgning.  Då kändes det lite avancerat men jag tyckte det var fantastiskt.

A while ago I was at the graduation show at HDK! Strolled about, enjoyed and was inspired.

In some entries, I will share with you some favorites. The first is Lina Sofia Lundin whose Manifest of Dyeing grabs me and awakens an ancient yearning. Several years ago I discovered India Flint’s natural approach to dyeing. Then it felt a little advanced but I thought it was fantastic.


Naturligt färgade plagg. Foto: Lina Sofia Lundin

Både Lina Sofia Lundin och India Flint har velat hitta alternativ till textilindustrins miljöförstöring. Det räcker inte med att tillverka textilien på ett miljövänligt sätt, färgningsprocessen är en av de största bovarna för miljön, dessutom utsätts både de arbetare som sköter färgningen och vi som bär plaggen för en konstant exponering av gifter.

Lina Sofia har velat undersöka möjligheten att färga plagg med naturliga metoder och samtidigt minska den mängd av mat som slängs idag.. Hon börjar i liten skala, hemma hos i sin egen komposthink.

Both Lina Sofia Lundin and India Flint has wanted to find alternatives to the textile industry’s environmental degradation. It is not enough to produce the fabric in an environmentally friendly manner, the dyeing process is one of the main culprits for the environment, additionally exposed both the workers who handle the dyeing and we who wear the garments for a constant exposure to toxins.

Lina Sofia have wanted to explore the possibility of color garments with natural methods, while reducing the amount of food that is thrown away today .. She starts out small, home of its own compost bucket.

Lina Sofia beskriver sitt arbete Färgningsmanifest – the expanded field of composting så här:

Är det möjligt att skala upp naturlig färgning? Är det möjligt att skala upp naturlig färgning? I samband med Greenpeace rapport och Detox-kampanj från hösten 2012 tvingades flera större modeföretag att skriva under på att vara giftfria år 2020. Det här är min färgningsresa. Från Sverige i väst till Indien i öst och sedan tillbaka igen. Här ryms mina samlade erfarenheter där naturlig färgning blir en del av min egen livscykel. Maten kopplas samman med kläderna jag bär genom det vi inte använder: blasten på grönsakerna, skalet på frukten, resterna från middagen, den bortglömda matlådan. Komposten.

Lina Sofia describes her work ‘Manifest of Dyeing – the expanded field of composting’ 
as follows:

Is it possible to upscale natural dyeing? Greenpeace’s report and Detox-campaign from autumn 2012 forced several major fashion companies to sign up for non-toxic production by the year 2020. This is my dyeing journey. From Sweden in the west to India in the east, and back again. It embodies my experiences as natural dyeing becomes part of my life cycle. The food is connected with the clothes I wear by the things we do not use: the vegetable foliage, the skin of the fruit, the leftovers from dinner, the forgotten lunchbox. The compost.



Kompost. Foto: Lina Sofia Lundin

Hennes önskan om att lära sig mer om naturlig färgning och även uppskalning densamma i större industriella sammanhang tog henne till The International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes & World Eco-Fiber and Textile Forum 2012 och till Avani, en organisation i Himalaya som färgar ull och siden naturligt. Bilder från den resan kan du hitta på Lina Sofias blogg Fältstudien.

Lina Sofia är en av sex finalister till Nordic Art Insight, rösta gärna på henne där innan 31 augusti. Hon är också med på UPMARKET 16-18 augusti i Göteborg.

Her desire to learn more about natural dyeing and also scaling up the same in the larger industrial contexts took her to The International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes & World Eco-Fiber and Textile Forum 2012 and to Avani, an organization in the Himalayas that color wool and silk naturally. Pictures from the trip can be found at Lina Sofia’s blog The field study (Fältstudien).

Lina Sofia is one of six finalists for the Nordic Art Insight, please vote for her there before August 31. She is also featured on UPMARKET 16 to 18 of August 1013 in Gothenburg.